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6 Reasons to Keep Your TSP When You Retire

he decision to roll over your TSP into another retirement account is a wholly personal matter but should be made only after analyzing the entirety of your financial picture. Moving your assets from a simple and cost-effective solution like the TSP to a more complex, and certainly more expensive broker or advisor managed account can have lasting effects on the return of your retirement savings.

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How Much Should I be Saving?

How much should you be saving? This is perhaps the most asked question in finance... A million dollars is a nice round number, but doesn’t really mean anything other than a hypothetical withdrawal rate. Your savings goals should be tied to very personal factors in your life and there are no easy rules of thumb in determining what this number is. It’s not too late to start saving. Your goals are in reach if only you determine them early enough. The sooner you maximize your savings, the greater effect compound interest will have in helping you achieve your savings goals. Every day counts.

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Resist the Urge to do More; Sound Investing Advice From Charles Ellis

According to academic research there are two kinds of games in tennis; those games played by professionals, and those played by the rest of us.  In amateur tennis the outcome is determined by the mistakes made by the loser, rather than the shots made by the winner. In investing, those who insist on trying to beat the market will often be disappointed by the results. Like tennis, investing is a loser's game, and winning requires you to resist the urge to do more.

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